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    Unanswered: An I/O error occured while sending to the backend

    Hey all,

    Does anyone know - or have any ideas why the following error occurs?

    'An I/O error occured while sending to the backend'

    All works well, and no errors are encountered until I cast the resultsetmetadata to PGResultSetMetaData and then try to retrieve the basetable name...

    Any suggestions, advice to resolve this problem will be v much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance


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    for starters, what application are you using?

    What version of postgreSQL?
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    Hi loquin - first want to thank u for the response much appreciated!

    I am using Postgresql 8.1 and Netbeans 5 to develop my application. Other details regarding the app are as follows:

    This is how i cast in the code:
    pgrsmd =(PGResultSetMetaData)rs.getMetaData();

    Then i send the column name and the table name to find the column alias as follows:

    String colName=getColAlias(rsmd.getColumnName(i),pgrsmd.g etBaseTableName(i));

    note:getColAlias is my written function...

    error occurs here due to the pgrsmd.getBaseTableName(i)....which is caused by Stream closed...but note i have not closed the connection to the database (if i omit the above line and work with just rs works fine no errors or other problems-although by using getTableName-ResultSetMetaData will return "")...

    Any ideas???

    Thanks for the response anyhow!!!

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