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    Unanswered: SQL SERVER 2005 Database Mirroring for large number of databases

    I am trying to enable database mirroring for 100 database.
    It goes error free till 59 databases (some times 60 databases) with the
    status (principal, synchronized) on principal. on the 60th or 61st database
    it gave the status (principal, disconnected). Also mirror starts acting
    abnormal. connection to mirror starts to give connection timeout and it is
    not enabling database mirroring on any more databases. I have SQL SERVER
    2005 Enterprise with SP1 on the servers. witness is not included yet.

    this are my test servers... i have more than 500 databases on my production

    principal and mirror both are using port 5022 for ENDPOINT communication.

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    System has 3 GB of RAM, SQL SERVER (Mirror) using 85 MB of RAM but still giving this error while trying to enable database mirroring for 37th Database.....

    "There is insufficient system Memory to run this query"


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