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    i have a big problem , i work with sql 2000 on windows 2000.
    When user do a select against my database sqlserver lock all the table and nonoe can work.
    Haw can i change the isolation level for a ropw and for all the db.

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    That's quite a heavy lock. What client/operation are you using?
    Too me, sounds someone restricted the database: a db can be restricted to allow one single user at a time. Did you check that? It's in the database properties, Options tab.

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    on the wrong server
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    have you isolated the problematic code using profiler? somebody using nasty table hint or big long transaction? got code?
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    Sounds like your user's query is doing a table scan. Get his query, and see if any indexes will help it. An index is a pre-requisite for row locking.

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