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    Unanswered: Converting comp to ASCII IN SQL

    I am importing data from mainframe using DTS the problem is that I am getting some COMP fields from the mainframe these are compressed data fields that are used to reduce storage space on the main frame. Can some one please help me understand how we can use DTS to solve this problem that is decompress it before transferring to table in SQL server.
    any code in scripting language to help decompress this datatype will be really appreciated.


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    the SQL forum is for the SQL language

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    The usage of the COBOL "COMP" type is actually implementation specific. See the notes on COMP at DiscInterchange or pretty much any COBOL book for a discussion of this problem.

    If you know which type of mainframe the COMP field came from, I can offer a good guess at a decoder for it, but I don't know of any way to absolutely guarantee a good conversion for you.


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