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    Unanswered: Change datasource for exsting Pivot table

    I am looking for the best way to change the datasource for numerous existing pivot tables.

    I do not see where I can reset the filepath for my datasources since I have move the original sources to a different location.

    My datasources are Access tables and queries.

    The wizard only shows the table names and not the file path when I click on get Data button.


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    Most likely you will need to reconfigure each pivot table using the Pivot Table Wizard and select the external data source option to configure each data source to its current location.

    It is possible to use custom coding to set up the Data Sources on the fly and reconfigure them in the code. Or you could manage the System Data Sources using the 'ODBC Data Source Administration Panel' found in your windows system tools... but with either of these methods you would have had to use considerable pre-planning and specifically configured your data connections for this when you originally setup the external data sources.


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