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    Unanswered: Mailing list query to consider 2 addresses

    Hi all...

    Any help would be great. Microsoft Access 2003. I have a contacts list table with options for 2 contact addresses per record. There is an option group field which asks users which address to post to, home/work. I am building the report to run from a query, but am having trouble.

    In the query i have the name field and mail to (option group) field. My criteria for the mail to is:

    Expr1: IIf([MailTo]=1,[Home Address]) Or IIf([MailTo]=2,[Work Address])

    But its not returning the right results.. Still seems to be feeding back the home addresses.

    Little help?

    Thanks all.

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    Try this.
    Expr1: IIf([MailTo]=1,[Home Address],[Work Address])

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    Fantastic, not sure what was stopping that working before.. but its up and running now... thanks Norie.

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