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    Unanswered: datagrid double click event

    i need help with adding a double click event to my datagrid. i want to be able to double click on a specific row in the datagrid and pull up the information in another form. i can now double click on any row in the datagrid and it will bring up the form but it always opens the first customer no matter where i click. any suggestions?

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    Without showing us your code, we would just be guessing. And WAGs at that.
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    Okay, here is my code for the DataGrid I don't really know where to start with the double click event. I want the double click event to bring up the info that corresponds with the CustomerNumber. Hopefully this helps.

    Dim strQuery As String
    strQuery = "Select CustomerNumber, FirstName, LastName, TapAddress, TapNumber from tblCustomer"
    AdodcList.ConnectionString = MyMDBCon
    AdodcList.RecordSource = strQuery
    Set DataGrid1.DataSource = AdodcList

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    Lightbulb here the answer man

    u have to write this if statment so u can transfer any raw to other forms u want

    If DataGrid1.RecordSelectors = True Then
    Ur Form.Text.Text = DataGrid1.Columns(0)
    Ur Form.Text.Text = DataGrid1.Columns(1)
    Ur Form.Text.Text = DataGrid1.Columns(2)
    . etc
    end if

    i hope this help u
    Sami Al Damiri ...

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