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    Red face Unanswered: Newbie advice please!


    I'm a newbie to this site and I'm also no expert when it comes to Access. My background is PC support, rather than software/application development.

    I have recently had to rebuild a client's file server and it now has a new name. On this server are a handful of Access databases that reference each other. Unfortunately, now that the computer name is different, it appears that someone has hard-coded the UNC path name of the location of the databases. I've had a look around one of the main databases and can't find any obvious reference to the old file server, and I'm now a bit stuck.

    I've had a look at one particular query that gives an error when I run it. Without renaming the server with the same name as the original server, can anyone advise me as to where to find the bit where it stores the path to the other files?

    Any help appreciated!


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    the app may have linked tables (the give away is if you look at the tables in the database window you see an arrow
    if so then run the linked tools manager and establish the link to the new server location.

    if it is genuinely hard coded then open a form or report in design mode and look / view the code window

    use tools | search for something with either a // or /

    network paths in the microsoft environment tend to be

    failing that look for the connection
    failing that look at ODBC datasource definitions

    I'm sure there are some other pointers that poeple may have, but that should keep you out of creating trouble by rebuilding servers for the next few hours.....
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    Many thanks for the quick reply. It was solved using the linked table manager that you suggested.


    Thanks again.

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