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    Unanswered: Query results as close as possible at the default

    i'm from Germany, so i hope, i can explain my prob understandly.

    I have a limited number of work areas, and must the quantity of orders
    reasonably divide.

    Accepted, I have 2 work areas, would like I the quantity of orders to halve,
    or for example 65%:35% divide. That's simple, but I must consider, which
    can divide the number of branches also for example 50:50 or 60:40.

    We assume, I have 45 branches, who get together 30,000 articles.

    I would like now 20 branches, which get together about 17,000 articles, and
    25 branches, which determine together 13,000 articles gotten.
    The number of branches and hums those articles must be variable.
    And i can't split der orders of a single branch.

    The best one compilation of the branches is to determine ACCESS, so that the
    result is as close as possible at the default.

    That's what i need :-/

    I hope there is anybody out there, who has an idea.

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    No one an Idea?

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