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    Unanswered: Text Align "Distribute" truncation issues

    I have a report that has to match exactly to a legal document. Access reports have worked fine for this except when I am reproducing verbiage (that has to match the hard-copy document line for line). I am creating a label for each line of text to insure that I have the exact same words on each line as the hard-copy document. The problem comes when I set the label text alignment to "Distribute". This is causing a partial truncation of the last letter in the label text. I have tried stretching out the label, but this has no effect. It looks like the border could be causing the problem even though it is set to transparent.

    For the future, I have read about and downloaded an eval copy of activePDF Toolkit to try exporting the data straight from Access to the PDF docs.

    Anyone else have any experience with reproducing Legal docs in your apps? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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    I don't know much about your application, but you might try embedded Word documents. You will have far more formatting choices with Word than you do with Access.

    In design view just add an Unbound Object Frame and then tell it it is a Word object. Then type in what you need.

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