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    Red face New Member With U2 Semaphore Question

    Hi, Just joined today and have a little 'teaser' for you.

    Am trying to find any Documentation or formula to work out how to calculate the semaphore settings required within the kernel of HP-UX when running UniVerse.

    At the moment using 'guestimates' from previous experience to get settings but would like to know some formula or method to calculate initial settings.

    Running on an Itanium machine, with HP-UX 11.11 running UniVerse 10.1.18, and coping with about 800-1000 users, including ODBC access.

    I know from performance when the semaphores are too small but can't find any details in Documentation as to what these should be...

    Help :-( please

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    Just trying to debug a few things and thought this might be a source of some good information from time to time.

    One can learn a lot from other's mistakes.

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