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    Unanswered: FE-BE security

    I have a database that has been split. I need to secure it such that people can access the front end, but not the back end. What has been happening is that even though everyone has their own copy of the front end on their own machine, they have been opening the back end and it prevents anyone else from opening their front end. What I have been trying to do is lock everyone out of the back end.

    I tried putting a password on the back end, then relinking the front end tables and inputting the password, and that works, except for some reason when I open the front end from my own hard drive, it creates a locked back end file on the server, which means no one else can open their front ends.


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    You can create a startup form on the back end that simply quits the application. If you are feeling generous, you can have the form display a message telling the user the error they've made and put the quit on the timer (give them say 5 or 10 seconds).

    You can disable special keys (such as the Control Break) and the Bypass Key.

    Note: this makes it very difficult to get into the back end. You will want to craft yourself a "back door". I generally have a "hot spot" on the form, such as an image, with an "On Click" event. When clicked, it checks the username and if the user is an IT person, will derail the quit command. If the user is not, then nothing visible to the user happens and it promptly quits after 5 seconds.

    As always, there are other methods; if you wait long enough, somebody will post their technique.

    have fun,

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    I may have forgotten to mention that I am a novice at this, and although I know what you are talking about, I don't have a clue how to do it, and coding is far from one of my specialties.

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    A little trick I do in the back end is write a macro autoexec to close the data base when it is open up.
    hope this help

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