I need to design a database for a portal, which does service for the families. Earlier there used to be only one agency that used to do this service, but now it has added different agencies of that kind to make it a web portal of a bigger size .

Briefing the Requirements
1. Each agency has its own admin, with a super admin for all the agencies or the application as a whole
2. When the families approach the agency, the standard way of taking there inputs is
o Common Intake Form
o HIPAA consent form (ISO standard for medical services)
o And Agency specific form (this particular form would be different and unique and is open with wide range of data fields
3. Each agency would be represented as www.aaaa.com/xyz (xyz being a agency)
4. If a family comes to an agency for a service, and if that service is not found with that agency, then that agency would refer the family to other agency in their list.

Since the application has facility of adding in ‘n’ number of agencies, which would result in ‘n’ different types of data collections formats.

I am confused and need a hint to design such a database.

If anybody has designed such kind of database please help me out…