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    Lightbulb Databas-ing

    I have always been astonished with the effectiveness of database design and management.

    Starting from here, I often looked at all the new DBMS products and tried them.
    Lately I've tried, and installed their product, The Mutant.
    It turns out to be quite interesting and I'm beginning to make big use of it, especially with archiving!!! The other use is easily teaching other non IT experts to make their own powerful databases work! So it's something to try....

    However, I don't know what this could reach in the Database industry as a whole, and this is why I don't know, as a database expert, whether I'll make any professional use of this.
    Anyway, I'll keep on with my other DBMS tracks, but will stay tuned to for the time being

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    A lot of Database specialists continuously look for new related products that could provide them with extra power and capabilities, as well as a new experience in the IT world.

    Such IT people shouldnt miss checking Iteam WTCs Website! And for a simple reason: It has a very interesting NEW Technology: The Mutant!
    A truly new experience in deed would be accessing a DBMS that acts as a Web Server (Which is why its called a Mutant).

    You will install the product from:
    But around 30 minutes later, you will have your first Application completed, along with tables created to save all your business contacts for example, along with relevant documents, photos, and sound clips on each!!!

    The product (which is very carefully priced) is very highly recommended!! and we think that sharing comments and information about it, among Database experts, would help speed up its path to a true success!

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