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    Talking, there's a bet on this!!!

    I've visited this website lately, and I realized that we've got an interesting and powerful DBMS for the PC users to use!

    It's very user friendly, and I'm sure even non IT experts can start brag about making their own databases and issuing their reports, along with pictures and multimedia, in just minutes!!
    The bet that it'll become a usual and common practice, and that the name (The Mutant) will become a celebrity in the DBMS world...

    Let me know about your impressions!! and let us chit chat about this new interesting product I think that we, the DB experts, should exchange views about this new product and check what the product has, and what it has not!

    In all cases, let's have fun doing it, and make the best of such new DB products!!

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    As this appears to be marketing / promotion rather than technical discussion or even chit-chat, I'm going to move it to the Marketplace forum... I don't have a problem with promoting your products in the Marketplace, since that is exactly the purpose for that forum.


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