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    Unanswered: Database won't start in cluster - cannot generate SSPI context

    I have a MSSQL database running in a Microsoft cluster. I was working on troubleshooting for another SAP problem when they suggested I change the setting using hte SQL Server Client Network Utility to 'named pipes' from 'tcp/ip'. Every since, despite changing it back I'm unable to start the database in the cluster.

    I'm kind of a newbie at this so I'd really appreciate any help in getting this database up and running.

    Here is the error message from the event log:
    sqsrvres] checkODBCConnectError: sqlstate = HY000; native error = 0; message = [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Cannot generate SSPI context

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    Solution Found

    Thanks for your help. The solution was to change the /etc/hosts to the SQL Server instance name. Everything is up and running now.
    The line in my /etc/hosts used to read: localhost
    Now it reads: <instance name>
    # localhost

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