Currently I have crystal reports set up directly to a Macola database using the DDF files. I can access the tables using Crystal Reports 7 visual interface. This is OK but I would also like to be able to access the database directly using SQL commands. There is an option to hook up via ODBC and I can not figure out how to set this up. I figure you have to use the drivers provided under the DSN, "Pervasive SQL" or "Btreive 32-bit" or "ODBC"? We are using an older version of Macola and it is installed on a Novell Netware system. The client that I am accessing it from is WindowsXp with Novell 4.9xx installed. I am assuming that when I do link up to the tables using SQL then I can than actually use MS Access, OpenOffice.org's base, or crystal reports to manipulate the data?

Any ideas?