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    Unanswered: File Import to Access

    This is a newbie question, I have a fairly simple Access database where I have built relationships with different tables and a query to tie all the information together. Periodically I have to update the information and I pull a new set of data with the same fields and would like to import the new tables and overwrite the older tables. When I import the most important table Access will show "Can't Overwrite Table or Query". The other supporting tables overwrite without a problem. Does anyone know why a table can not overwrite when imported. Thank you.

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    Weird one this one, one of the problems may be in your joins, if you have enabled referencial integrity then there may be a problem with missing data therefore it cannot import it. Make sure there are no other tables that this tables depends on being there before you import it.

    Research referencial integrity before using joins. It is great to delete related records or just for faster indexing but you must understand it to use it.
    An example of referencial integrity is this: -

    You have 2 tables, one a sales order header table (with the dates of an order, order number etc) and a sales order lines table (with all the product information for the sales order) if you tried to import the sales order lines table before the sales order header table then it will mess up because the sales order header order details are not there.

    Your Sales Order Header table would be your "Parent" and the Sales Order Lines would be the "Child", as everyone knows a child can not go anywhere without its parent.
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    My suggestion would be to leave the table structure alone and run a Delete and an Append query. I woud link to the data, or import it to a temporary table, then delete everything in the existing table and finally append the new data.

    By deleting the entire table (or overwriting it) you would have to re-establish any Relationships that you have set up between the deleted table and other exisitng tables.

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    If you're not actually changing any of the information, another option would be to just link the table to your datasource. That way you just change out your datasource file and not have to deal with imports.

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