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Webhost’s Reseller Protection Kit 1.0 (RPK)

Our Webhost Reseller Protection Kit 1.0 is the most robust suite of legal forms available in the world today for webhost resellers! Whether you choose to purchase the complete forms package, or invest in individual forms for your specific needs, you too can enjoy the security in knowing that you are protected! This small investment is well worth the peace of mind you get in knowing you are protected!

Reseller Pricing Solution (RPS)

Reseller Pricing Solution Features
Our reseller pricing solution is designed and built to give web hosting resellers a plain and simple view of results from different pricing scenarios. The template uses Microsoft Office Excel 2003© as a platform for an easy-to-use interface anybody can understand. Our pricing solution lets you use what-if scenarios to determine a pricing scheme that works best for you to ensure the highest profitability for your reseller web hosting company.

Our pricing solution includes several easy-to-read worksheets including a Reseller Cost Analysis, Regular Expense Report, Hosting Package Configuration Sheet, and a Profit Analysis Sheet. Every sheet was designed to display all the information you need in order to draft a wise pricing scheme while remaining easy-to-use and easy-to-read.

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