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    Unanswered: multiple choices in access database

    Anybody give me an idea or sample? I create a database that has different committees (maybe 20 committees). Each person in the database may have multiple commitees. And in different committe, he (she) may have different position. So in the front end, user would like to have checkbox for different committee and a textbox for the posion.
    I think i need to create three tables, one is the main table has personID, another table called committee that lists all the committee with committeeID.
    the third table, should be the combination of person and committee. There are CombinationID, personID and committeeID fields. Is it good idea? The problem, how can i create an entry form to add the data in person table and combination table? Do you have any sample for me? Many thanks.

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    Personally, my choice would be to have the following;

    Table: Members
    Table: Commitees
    Sub-Table: Attenances

    In attendances, have the following fields;

    Committe ID; Memeber ID; Position (normal text field)

    Then have a sub form, in your main members form, that allows the user to add a committee and then add the position next to the selection. If you want specifically "tick Boxes" reply and I'll come up with a method for that for you.

    Hope this helps

    sometimes simple is best.... and i'm just a simple fellow.

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    Thank you very much! I plan to do this way and use subform.

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