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    Unanswered: Cannot Find Blank Cells

    I have a sheet (attached) where I would like to use Edit, Go To, Special, Blanks to select the blank cells, delete them and move everything to the left.

    Yet when I do this I'm told there aren't any.

    Where are the wheels falling off?

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    I have experiance this too.

    I assume, like me, that this data has been exported from a DB using a recordset or similar, that the values written to the BLANK cells are in fact NULL.

    I this case it would seem that the cells are not truely blank (!!) thay just look that way. If you 'delete' the info from the blank cells then it all works are expected !?

    The IsEmpty function in VBA will differenciate between a 'Null' cell and a 'Blank' cell.

    Also, both COUNTBLANK() and COUNTA() worksheet function return 1 if applied to one of these 'NULL' cell ??

    Can anyone else shed anymore light on this phenomina ??


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    Check out

    I received my answer there and it works great!

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