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    Unanswered: Mail merge with access

    I create a query in access database. Then i create mail merge in access. In the main form, i insert a hyperlink to link this mail merge document. But when i open the form click the link. It shows up data link properties box. I can't use the mail merge. I try to close the access database, then open the mail merge document,all the data show up. Is that a way i can open the mail merge document in Access form. I prefer to open the document in switchboard. Can you help me? Thank you very much!

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    not sure if i understand fully what you needs, but you can,

    create a macro that will run a mail merge for you.

    Have the macro open the Query in print preview mode,
    Then have it condiuct the mailmerge, to specific document,
    then close the query print preview screen.

    then add a button to your switchboard and use that button to run this macro;

    hope this helps,

    sometimes simple is best.... and i'm just a simple fellow.

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    Thanks. It is just what i want. Can you tell me more detail. In the macro, first i open a query as print view. How can i do the next to conduct the mail merge? Thanks.

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