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    Unanswered: Mysql BigInteger time question


    I got hold of a DB that i am using to practice webdevelopment using Java.
    Now, the problem is that in a table, i have BigInteger that is used torepresent time.

    Now, is it possible to represent data with BigInteger?

    If i change datatype i will have to change some code. I was thinking of creating a method to convert the BigInteger to time in some way.

    Example: if i use 2000 to represent 20:00, i can convert the BigInteger to string, and then modify the string to add the :

    I would like to get some advice before proceeding.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Please post a date/time and the corresponding BIGINT value. The BIGINT values are often coded in peculiar ways (one common example is minutes past Jan 1, 1970), and without knowing how they are coded I'd be afraid to answer your question.


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