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    Unanswered: Combo Box problems (updated)

    I wonder if someone can help me with my problem that i cannot solve no matter which way around i try to make it work.
    I would be on my way again.

    I have an invoice form that has a customer ID box and under it another text box with a
    dlookup that i get the builder to produce for me but never finds the lookup info i am hoping to retreive.

    SO I created a query from the contacts table (which from what i have read is a better and quicker way to go about this)
    with a tick to select the company name, customer ID, post code and town, which runs ok.
    I have tried to make my company name text box lookup the value of the company name but only reports a name? problem i
    know that the column count starts at 0, but no matter which column number i bound the box
    to it reports the same problem.

    Do you know what I am am doing wrong and can you help me out, I would really appreciate it if you could and I thank you in advance

    I thought i could manage this without any help but actually building one for the real world is so much more difficult
    than even ECDL advanced.
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    Can you either give us a link to a picture of the form or up your database, reading it isnt making much sense.

    BTW if you are attempting an invoice creation program on the strength of an ECDL qualification then dont bother. You can have all the access sense in the world but if you dont know every nook and cranny of an existing invoicing program then its not worth it.

    We got an outside guy in to do our program and has been ironing out the bugs for the past 4 years and he does it for a living.
    Based on DAO 3.6 and Access 2000 + 2003
    VB.Net 2005 + ADO.Net

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