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    Unanswered: sharing my database

    how can I Apply my DataBase to over 10 users/computers with out using shared folder, now my database .mdb file is on a shared folder called DB on the company server and the users access to the DataBase via this shared folder(client / server) is the are other ways to provide my dataBase to users?

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    Split the database so you get a backend (data) front end (the screen every thing else)
    what I do on the server I create a folder call data and share it with a $ this will make it hidden on the server give every read/write access as well.

    on the in the front end relink the tables so it point to

    so What I do is copy the front end to the server under the folder call screens this come you backup copy

    now need to set at each computer and copy the front to a folder on the user computer again I make it screen folder keeps everything tidy

    create short cut on desktop job done

    only down side is when you have to update the screens (front ends) you have to visit all the user computers
    but there is a work around is what i have done is create a batch file that copy the front end the user computer @ startup
    then I know that @ the next reboot they get the lateest version on there PC.
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    hope this help

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