Hi everybody,
I am new to the forum.

I am facing a problem in importing perticular user from the backup. we everyday take a logical backup using following syntax.

C:\exp system/manager@orcltemp file=f:\full_dump\full.dmp log=f:\full_dump\log.log full=yes

Now one of my user wants his data in the different user of status 20th may 2006. I have the backup and i am trying to import it with following syntax.

C:\imp system/manager@orcltemp file=F:\full_dump\full_20_may06.dmp log=F:\full_dump\full_20_may06.log fromuser=bcentral_pf touser=bcd_pf

Where i have created a new user bcd_pf and granted a dba. bcentral_pf has the complete data which i need to import to bcd_pf. But when i run this syntax it is not importing an objects in return it hangs for few seconds and comes out without importing any objects. If i check the log file does't contain any thing.

I need a help as to how best i can import it.