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    Unanswered: A form combining 2 tables (not a subform)

    Hi everybody,
    Let's say that I've got a table "tblCustomers" with a "IdCust" field, a "deliveryaddress" field which is usually the bill address too. But for some customers there is a different one. To deal with these occasionnal cases, I've got a 2nd table "tblOtherBillAdr" with the fields "IdCust" and "billaddress". What I've done until now is form using the "tblcustomers" where appears by default the "deliveryaddress" which will be the bill address. For the customers having a different bill address, how can I have my form displaying the right address? Thanks in advance for your expertise (I'm just a newbie)

    PS: I'm using ms access 2003
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    Hello thierry!

    Look at "DemoBilladdressA2000.mdb",
    Look at "Table1", "Table2", "Query1", open "Form1".
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    Thanks MStef-ZG for your reply with example. It's nearly what I need. How could I now simply have the BillAddress when blanked, filled with the DeliveyAddress? Thanks again ;-)

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    Morning, Thierry!

    You don't need a second table for this purpose! Add your BillAddress field to your original table and this code in the Form_BeforeUpdate sub:

    Private Sub Form_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer)
    If IsNull(Me.BillAddress.Value) Then
    Me.BillAddress.Value = Me.DelAddress.Value
    End If
    End Sub

    If the billing address is left blank the DeliveryAddress will be filled in!
    (This code has been tested and works)
    Hope this helps!

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