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    Unanswered: Current Directory

    Hey guys,

    I'm having a slight issue..and don't know why it's happening..

    I'm checking my current directory to see if it's in a certian directory if it is, then it's to hide a button, but the thing current directory even if the file is in the directory that should have the button hidden doesn't exactly work...

    my code is as follows.

    If CurDir = "F:\Common\Databases" Then
    Command93.Visible = False
    Command93.Visible = True
    End If

    And my issue that comes up is I had a msgbox telling me what the directory was, and well when it comes up it gives me our IT folder instead..says F:\NEW Doc\!ITDept and it's sitting in F:\Common\Databases..

    So wondering if there's a better way to check the current directory.

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    What control is the CurDir referring to, what is it feeding from, if it is a custom made directory lister then is there an event at the end of the directory listing that checks the directory?

    Have you tried using breakpoints to see what the code is actually doing?
    Based on DAO 3.6 and Access 2000 + 2003
    VB.Net 2005 + ADO.Net

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