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    Red face Unanswered: Cell size (string length)


    When I copy and paste an individual cell (from Access, or wherever) that
    is thousands of characters long, into an Excel 2003 cell, it works and the
    entire string shows up in the formula bar.

    BUT, when I try copying MANY cells (or exporting them from access) into many cells into Excel 2003, if there's string lengths > 1024 characters in length; they're getting truncated at about the 1024th character and the rest is lost.

    Is there any way around this problem anyone knows of ?
    How to increase all Excel cells in a spreadsheet to accomodate potentially very long strings of characters ?

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    hm...i tried copy a very long string into a cell, is fine, although it wont show the cell because u cant get a cell longer than your monitor's screen wide. but it will show on the formula bar with the whole string.

    Try set your cell format to wrap text

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