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    Just a basic query. In the sqlldr, we had used this command - OPTIONALLY ENCLOSED BY '"'. We expect all the string characters in enclosed in double quoted. However, when the string itself has ", that particular record fails to load. Is this expected?

    One way is to request the owner of the data to replace the " with blank spaces or null values.
    I was hoping if is there any way we can handle this at our end itself?


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    Think about what you're saying:

    "When I reach a quote then that's the end of the field, unless I reach a quote in which case ignore it as it's not the end of the field"

    What was you expecting Oracle to do?

    I would get back to the data owner & ask them to change the delimiter.
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    If a double quote is in the string, you can do two things. change the delimiter or add another double quote. For example

    "my name is ""bill""." would be parsed as

    my name is "bill".
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    do you want the double quote loaded into the DB or do you want sqlloader to
    remove the double quotes regardless.

    ie: load ""my string"" into the db as my string <-- no quotes at all

    is that how the problem areas look? with double-double quotes?
    or, are ther double quotes WITHIN the text ie:
    my "string" is quoted
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