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    Unanswered: Link Tables from Topspeed to MySQL

    Hi all.

    I have problem to link tables from Topspeed database to MySQL.
    Does anyone here know how to link the tables?
    Or, anyone having any idea how this can be solved?
    I am wondering if this possible to be done.

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    Do you want to copy data (one time) from TopSpeed tables to MySQL tables, or do you want a true link where data can flow back and forth as time goes on?

    I've never had good luck with Clarion's drivers for TopSpeed, so I'd be reluctant to try the ongoing link.

    Moving the data for a OneShot operation isn't so bad. Just export the data from the TopSpeed tables to a flat file, then import that file into your MySQL table(s).


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    The flow goes like this, whenever I update Topspeed table, the MySQL table will also be updated. I think we have to do linking thru these tables, but I dont know how to link the tables. Or, is there any other way to link the tables?

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    Hi Rina,

    Were you able to find a solution to your problem. I am trying to do the same where the data is inserted in to a tps and a mysql database concurrently. Please let me know. thanks.

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