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    Unanswered: Needing to Clone Table Relationships...

    I have an excel spreadsheet that is an archive of table data form month to month. I'm trying to drop table and recreate it based on the excel information...


    I have to delete all relationships prior to drop table and need to clone the databases relationship Collection and after the recreation of the tables I'll need to re Apply the relationship collection.

    Need help, I'm a .Net programmer and the VBA is kinda 'ODD' to say the least.

    Any code snippets needed to better understand the situation, just ask.


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    probably no code needed.
    put the excel stuff all on it's own in another .MDB
    link to that .MDB from your main database... build the relationships in the main database.

    now you should be able to drop the excel stuff and add new excel stuff without the main database being aware of what you are doing (main db needs to be closed during the drop tho, or it will get confused)

    ...untested, but should work.

    currently using SS 2008R2

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