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    Unanswered: Multiple Oracle Homes on Windows Server

    I have Oracle 10g, Oracle 92 and loaded Oracle 817 software on a Windows machine, This is our test machine, unfortunately we have to test in all 3 versions of Oracle cause some of our sites still have 8i, anyway, I cannot create a database for 8i cause I cannot start svrmgrl, i keep getting the tns protocol error, Ora-12560 , ora-00530, I have created the service okay with an alphanumeric sid. How should I configure Oracle listener ? can i just use Oracle 9 listener for both ? also If Home0 is 9i and Home1 is 8i , is that okay ?

    Thanks Mark.

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    These links will help:'multiple%20oracle%20homes'

    Also, if you google for Multiple Oracle Homes you'll get LOTS of hits.
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