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    Unanswered: What is the maximum size can a tablespace have?


    Am new to Oracle. Would like to hear advise on what is the maximum size allow for a tablespace in Oracle. Also, will there be problems (eg performance, data corruption, etc) if a tablespace is too big?

    I have a tablespace that is currently 5GB in used, is it recommended to increase the tablespace 1GB by 1GB or increase it by 2GB in 1 go?

    Thanks for the advise.

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    Don't worry, you are far from its maximum size. Read more about Oracle database limitations here.

    Also, check Introduction to Datafiles and Tablespaces.

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    Thanks. I had gone through the URLs and would like to summarise it as follows but not sure whether I am right or not.

    1. There is a limit in the number of datafiles per tablespace, which is OS dependent but is usually 1022.

    2. Each datafile has a maximum number of database blocks, which is also OS dependent but is usually 2<power>22 - 1 blocks

    3. Each block is never more than 32KB.

    4. So the maximum size of a tablespace is around 130,816GB. (ie (1022x(2<power>22-1)x32KB)/1024/1024)

    If my db_block is 8192, the maximum size of a tablespace I can have is around 32,704GB (ie (1022x(2<power>22-1)x8KB)/1024/1024)

    Is my understanding correct? Please advise. Thanks.
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