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    Unanswered: Database Form Query

    I've got a form that has drop down menus to select info from a particular table for search criteria in Access 2003. If I select a certain set of data I get results in from query. If I happen to leave one of the drop down menus blank than I get no results, when I know there are results availabe. What type of language do I need to put in the criteria part of the query to allow a blank search of one or more of my drop down menus? Say I have 10 drop down menu criteria, and I want to use only 3 of them as criteria for a particular search, so I select the appropriate items and leave the rest blank. But using the same form, be able to do a different search using any combination of the drop down menus with a specific response or blank to search every respoonse in that field.

    That way I can have one form to do multiple types of queries depending on the information you select in the drop down menus. And if the menu is blank, the query assumes any entry in that column is open to results.

    Any ideas? I am a newbie to Access, so I'm probably just missing something simple, or I'm trying to do something far more technical then I ever thought it would be.
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