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    Unanswered: Performance deleting rows


    I'm looking for a way of deleting rows quicker than the delete dml sentence.
    I know truncate sentences, but i don't want to truncate a table or a partition, I want to delete a great number of rows (identified by a where clause), but not a whole partition or table.

    For example, inserting rows i can use insert sentences or i can use sql-loader, Ώis there something similar deleting rows??

    My problem is deleting time.

    Any advice will be greatly apreciatted. Thanks in advance


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    Depending on how many rows you have to delete, the following should work.

    for example, say you have a table with 10,000,000 rows and you only want to keep the 10,000 with a 'Y' in col2. You could do the following.

    create table junk as
    select * from my_table
    where col2 = 'Y';

    truncate table my_table;

    insert into my_table
    select * from junk;

    drop table junk;

    I have used this method, but please check it out on a test table before using it on production.
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    what about parallel dml??

    Thanks for all the answers

    What about parallel dml??

    Has anybody work with parallel deletes?? (/*+ PARALLEL (t2,2) */)

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    If you have the setup to perform parallel this will help.

    The problem with the deletes is the logging of them.

    Parallel will help but still beils better solution when dealing with larger amounts of data.

    If the delete is on the primary key this greatly increases performance

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