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    Unanswered: Zombied processes??

    Hi All

    When I do a ps -ef on my AIX server, I see lot of processes (db2agent) taking up memory from last 2-3 months. I am assuming these are zombied processes. I don't know if an instance restart would release the memory or do I need to kill these processes or an ipc clean up is required. We have about 10 instances on this server.

    We are not having any performance issues or any database connection issues but we are already using 85% of memory.

    Killing the processes after stoping the DB2 is safe or not?

    Is this a bug in DB2 because all our AIX servers have hung db2agents or they are sitting ideal and not releasing memory.

    AIX 5.3 ML 7
    DB2 UDB v 8.2


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    1.You can using ps -eaf command to find out the zombied processes.

    2.An instance stop can release the memory.But you should clean up ipc after you stoped instance.

    3.Use db2mtrk to find out how many memorys db2 used.

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