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    Unanswered: Storing large formatted documents

    I am developing a resume storage system, and don't know the best way to store the resumes that come in to our company in both MS Word and text files. Should I store the files in the original format they come in, and reference the file name in the databse that points to a directory where they are stored, or should I store the text of the resumes directy in the database. There are 2 things that I must follow.

    1: I need to have the documents keep their formatting.
    2: I also need the capibility of conducting a full text search to pull out key words from the documents.

    What is the best way?

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    do the former. it's better practice.

    I think Google desktop search will do the last bit but I have not used it. Otherwise you will need to do a bit of programming that streams in the text of each resume and writes that text to a database field.
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