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    Unanswered: TOAD Timeout issue

    TOAD Timeout issue
    When I connect to a Oracle database(remote) using TOAD client, because of the settings of timeout done at the server end(in Oracle), the TOAD session gets time out in 5 minutes
    I want to know how I can increase the timeout interval or if I can keep on pinging the database server so that the TOAD connection does not gets timeout


    PS: When we connect to a unix server using putty, we can keep on pining the server at regular timeout interval by going to Change Settings->Connection->Set KeepAlive
    Is there a similar way for TOAD?

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    What did Quest say about this?
    I assume you would goto them first.
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    Well, I will contact them
    I also observed that even from SQL*Plus( of Oracle), it gets timeout in 5 minutes
    Is there anything like running something from background which will call say "select * from dual" to keep the session alive?

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    Although you do not mention it, I assume it is your firewall that is dropping the connections after an interval of inactivity of 5 minutes.

    Perhaps the dead connection detection mechanism in Oracle Net might help.
    Set SQLNET.EXPIRE_TIME to 4 minutes to ensure network traffic between the server and client within the 5 minute timeout interval.

    Set it in the sqlnet.ora file on the server:


    The parameter is documented here

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    Actually, I would suspect the idle timeout in the default oracle profile. If it is that, simply setup a different profile for the user and assign a different or unlimited idle timeout value under time limits.
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