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Thread: db2 restore

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    Unanswered: db2 restore

    My server is an AIX 5.2 , on this server i have installed DB2 8.2 , i have one instance DBADM and one db DBONE , i need to restore another DB(name is DBTWO ) into the same instace ( DBADM ).....
    I tryed with this command :

    restore db DBTWO into DBNEW without rolling forwad .

    After when i try to connect to new it's ok , but when i try with the DBONE ( the one existent ) i receive message that the alis DBONE dosn't exist !!

    Plse help it' s very important ......

    Wich is the correct steps for have two databse into the same instance??
    and wich are the correct command ????

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    should have worked. any db can be restored in existing instance as long as filesystems for containers to restore exist (otherwise redirected restore)
    do : list db directory -- and see if db is listed
    otherwise do : catalog db dbone on /xx/yy -- where it was created
    Best Regards, Guy Przytula
    DB2/ORA/SQL Services
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    i tried with redirect command but i receive the following error message when at the end type command " b2 restore db DBTWO continue "

    1) b2 restore db DBONE into DBTWO redirect without rolling forward
    2)SQL1277N Restore has detected that one or more table space containers are
    inaccessible, or has set their state to 'storage must be defined'.
    DB20000I The RESTORE DATABASE command completed successfully.
    3)b2 "set tablespace container for 0 using (path '/pathname ')"
    4) step 4 for all tablespace and SYSTOOLSPAC-SYSTOOLSTMPSPACE
    5)db2 restore db DBONE continue
    6)SQL1651N The request cannot be executed because the DB2 server version does
    not support this functionality.

    My DB2 version is : DB2 v8.1.1.104

    Tnks !

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