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    Unanswered: Exam 700 Query--pls help(Urgent)

    Hi To All,
    I am relatively new to Db2.I took up the IBM sample test for Exam 700 today and I have the test tomorrow,I have some questions for which Iam not sure about the right answer,can anyone please guide me as to what is the right answer for these questions are.This would mean a lot to me.

    1..A developer is building an embedded SQL application on AIX that will
    access DB2 UDB for OS/390 or OS/400 servers. Which of the following
    products is required to be installed on the AIX system in order to
    build the application?
    a. DB2 Connect Personal Edition
    b. DB2 Personal Developer's Edition
    c. DB2 UDB Workgroup Server Edition
    d. DB2 Universal Developer's Edition

    2. Which of the following DB2 components allows references to Oracle
    and DB2 databases in a single query?
    a. DB2 Query Patroller
    b. DB2 Warehouse Manager
    c. DB2 Relational Connect
    d. DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition

    Iam guessing DB2 Relational Connect for it,correct me if iam wrong.

    3. Cataloging a remote database server from a Linux, UNIX, or Windows
    gateway is:
    a. performed to identify the location of the clients
    b. performed to identify the server the DB2 database manager is on
    c. Never performed in DB2, as only one database per node is allowed,
    so cataloging a node automatically catalogs the database at that
    d. performed on a Linux, UNIX, or Windows machine to open the catalogs
    in the DB2 database server and present a user with a list of all
    accessible tables in that database

    I had gone for choice "D",again correct me if iam wrong.

    4.A unit of work is using an isolation level of Uncommitted Read, and
    allows scanning through the table more than once within the unit of
    work. Which of the following can occur during processing of this unit
    of work?
    a. It can access uncommitted changes made by other transactions
    It can update uncommitted changes made by other transactions
    b. It can update rows and have those updated rows be changed by other
    transactions from one scan to the next
    c. It can update rows and have those updated rows be committed by other
    transactions from one scan to the next

    I had gone for A..was not sure again.

    5.Which of the following can duplicate the structure and related
    objects of a database table?
    a. Copy table
    b. Alter table
    c. Export table
    d. Generate DDL

    I had guessed A..I am I right?As export is used to dump it to a file
    and alter is a DDL stmt..Was not sure was generate or

    Can u pls reply to this topic as early as possible,as my exam is
    tomorrow morning.Thanks in advance..

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    5.d. This 8.2 Control Center command executes db2look online.

    Question 4 is probably missing the correct response (d). Answers a and b are defintiely wrong, and I don't understand c.
    M. A. Feldman
    IBM Certified DBA on DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows
    IBM Certified DBA on DB2 for z/OS and OS/390

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