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    Unanswered: Standalone Access Application

    Hi all,

    I need to create a standalone Access application to run off several DVDs. Unfortunately, the file is a text file that is roughly 40 gigs which would more than double in size when imported into Access. Given that the max. size for each database is 2gb, I will need to have more than 20 cuts of the database. Quite untenable. Does anyone have any ideas. Thanks.

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    what could you possibly have in a text file that consumes 40 gb's ? oh, wait, the complete lyrics of my entire mp3 collection would probably take up that much space, but it would take me years to compile them!

    What is your application going to do? You can write an application in VB and use Access (or many other db's) to hold the data. If you have that much data, you may want to look into something bigger than Access.


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    I'd agree that you'd want to use something other than Access for 40GB of data. Organizing 20+ databases (you don't want to be at 2GB for each database, especially if they're linked!) of like data would be a nightmare. How would you decide to divide the data? How would you query 20 2GB databases? If it would even work, it'd be really, really, really slow. Put that on a network and you'll make some enemies.

    First, I'd check the text file. If it's fixed-length, it might take up less space in a database because the blank spaces between fields use up bytes, but not in a database. Also, if you have a lot of numbers that can be byte data types, they'll take up one byte each, even if the number is "106", which takes up three bytes in a text file. And, depending on how the text file was created, it might have bloat.

    You might be able to use some abbreviations or code correspondence tables to reduce size (such as state abbreviations if they're spelled out, "1" for apple and "2" for orange, "Y" for "yes" instead of spelling it out, etc.)

    Try a test by importing say, 10,000 records as the smallest field size possible and doing the math to see what the entire file would take up. If it's really 40GB or more, then move on to something more powerful.

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    If you could give us a little more detail of exactly you're trying to do, maybe someone here could point you in a more appropriate direction.
    Hope this helps!

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    More info.

    Thanks for your comments thus far. Basically, I have a extremely large legacy table backed up as a text file. This file needs to be accessible using a standard offline pc. I was hoping to deploy an application using Access but I am aware of its limitations. What other options do I have?

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    Embeded dbs

    You may look at other embeded dbs for .net as perst and db4o or use a client server db as sql express or mysql.
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    sqllite might be worth a look.......
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