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    Unanswered: Dropping connections

    Hey everyone.

    This just started happening about 2 days ago, and is happening at 2 sites, with 2 different programs (one accounting, one police reports). Both use Pervasive 8.6 on their respective servers.

    Occasionally, ALL users will be disconnected with errors ( I don't have them handy, but something of the type "attempting to access file at F:\DATA\name.dat"). So I am wondering:

    Do I need to check my IPs on the server?? Does the *DB* have it's OWN place where it tracks what it thinks its IP is? Does each client have a DP config file that says "you DB is at IP, with this config [subnet] [def gateway]" etc ect.

    It is really puzzling. I am wondering if its a big deal if clients and servers have different default gateways, again, I'm at home, but this might be the case. If I run the DB tests (including the ones with sample data), they run fine, but we still drop everyone randomly (sometimes every 15 minutes, sometimes once every 4 hours).

    Thanks for ANY help at all.

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    Check the PVSW.LOG at both the client and the server. Post any errors/messages that are listed around the time of the drops.

    THe DB does maintain a list of clients and the network address for that client (it can be either TCP/IP or SPX). It maintains this list internally.

    If you can get the exact error (and ideally the Btrieve/PSQL error) code, that would help too.
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