Running DB2 8.2 on AIX 5.2

I have a question on reorgs and reorgchk results. My reorg script is
using the db2reorgchk to determine if a table or an index needs to be reorged. If a table needs to be reorged I reorg it and then do a runstats.

Then I do another reorgchk to see if the indexes need to be reorged after the table reorg.

If so I do a reorg indexes all for the table followed by a runstats.

If this process is faulty please let me know.

The question I have is that even after a reorg of both the table and/
or the indexes, a non-clustered index will sometimes still show a need
to be reorged in F6, the factor that deals with the number of nlevels
of an index.

Why would it still show that after a reorg indexes all allow no access
for that table? Aren't the indexes being rebuilt?

Thanks in advance.