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    Unanswered: Oracle PL/SQL Code Review Tool

    We are using Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release - Production on Linux
    we are in a need of a Tool which will help us review PL/SQL routines (Procedures, Functions, Packages).
    The main purposes of reviwing above things are
    1) If Standards are followed in the code
    e.g. caller procedure is missing Exception handling while calling another procedure etc.
    2) Performance related issues are handled in the code
    e.g. using Exists instaed on IN operator wherever possible etc.

    Please note that above are just examples. However intention is Senior member should be able to review and catch logical mistakes, if any made by junior members.

    I have used Formatter Plus tool in TOAD, however it does not cover such things.
    Please suggest a tool which covers (and handles such issues)

    Thanks and Regards,

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    Hmmm...there are very few hard and fast rules with performance tuning, dont assume exists is always better than an in clause. Instead it would be better if you put profiling code in so when a procedure takes a longer than expected you are alerted to it and then you can tune it.


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    Hi Pratap...
    even i have the same requirement as yous..
    were you able to find the soluation?

    please reply back to

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    There is a useful tool for plsql code review from TOAD.
    Tool name is code expert.

    This may not fulfill your requirements 100%, but defenitely helpful. Try any trail version (if available) before actually buying it.


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