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    Question Unanswered: select Top 1 * from ... = rownum = 1?

    When I perform this, I get no data.
    My goal is to select top 1 record... do somethings with it.. then delete it and select the next record.

    select ID, NUMBER, NAME
    into v_id, v_no, v_name
    from SOURCE
    where rownum = 1;
    Thank you for your help

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    top 1 is almost equivilant to rownum =1

    Don't assume that

    select * from table where rownum = 1
    order by field1

    will be the lowest value in field 1.

    Sorry typo Will not be the lowest value in field 1

    where as top 1 performs the sort then gets top 1
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    Not correct. The query

    select * from table where rownum = 1
    order by field1;

    will return the first random row it finds, however the query

     select * from
     (select * from table
       order by field1 asc)
     where rownum = 1;
    Will return the first sorted row. The where clause is used before the order clause.
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