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    Unanswered: queries for both db2 and informix tables

    Hi is there a way to use both tables(informix and db2) in single query?

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    Two solutions that I'm aware of:

    Buy EGM (Enterprise Gateway Manager):
    With this product you can virtualize a DB2 database as an Informix
    database on a virtual informix server. Then joining is easy.
    Note: The query is running on IDS

    Configure the DB2 database as a federated server and create a nickname
    If you first install Informix CSDK on the DB2 machine and then install
    Informix, then the DB2 wrapper is installed automatically.
    After that just specify the database server as a FEDERATED instance
    and you are able to create servers, user mappings, nicknames etc.
    Note: The query is running on DB2

    The last solution is free of charge I believe due to the fact that Informix
    now belongs to the DB2 family. This is also possible with other databases (like Oracle) but then you need the Websphere Information Integrator product.

    Hope this helps (a bit),


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    great deal of thanks

    you solution does make sense

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