I am new to dbforums, having stumbled on it after spending aaaaaages trawling the internet trying to find a solution for my access problem
Unfortunately, I am also fairly new to access. I have got a basic knowledge of objects, relationships, etc but have come unstuck after that.

I am trying to design a form that has two parts. The top part has a single field where I can select a number of a module (say 5)
The second part has a list of people's names and IDs with a tick box beside each one.
I want to be able to tick some of these names. Initially there will only be a couple of dozen names but over time this will grow (probably to about 150-200).
I then want to add this information to a table so that each table record contains the module number and a person's ID, with one record for each person that I ticked. My main table will keep a history of all such records but I would be happy with a temporary table that just holds the results of the last time the form was loaded and ticked. (I know enough to then run an append query which will add this info to my main table, leaving the temp table for use next time the form is opened).
I have spent hours looking for a solution to this. I would be really grateful to anyone who could help me with this.