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    Unanswered: Image Property from Business object in Reporting Service 2005


    I have a question from Reporting service 2005
    I use Business Objects in My Report
    and one of My object's property's type is "Image" or "BitMap"

    when i Drop that property in my report and set value in "Fields!MyPicture.Value" and Run that then i see "#Error"

    when i drop an "Image" from Toolbar and set that in "Database" and set value in "Fields!MyPicture.Value" and Run that then i see a red "X"

    how can i show my image property from business object in my Report (.rdlc)

    thanks alot

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    I have not used RS2005, but in Rs2000 that you need drop and drag a image component to your report and set database filed to this image, and then drag the image to you grid or matrix.
    hope this can help you

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