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    Unanswered: Access Transform/Inport Problem

    Trying to construct a book database at home using information extracted from Amazon's web service. Finally got most everything to work (transformxml, importxml) when I save the Amazon xml file to my computer, i.e.

    transformxml "d:\bookdata.xml", "d:\bookdata.xsl", "d:\bookdata_mod.xml", true

    BUT problems occurs when I try to transformxml the webpage directly, i.e.
    transformxml "", "d:\bookdata.xsl", "d:\bookdata_mod.xml", true

    According to Microsoft, transformxml should work with "http://", but everytime I run it I keep getting "Run-time error '31527': Path not found:http://webservices...."

    Any suggestions?

    Incidentally, ImportXML works with the URL.

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    For those interested, I couldn't find a way around it so had to resort to loading and saving the xml file from a domdocument.

    Dim bookdata As DOMDocument40
    Set bookdata = New DOMDocument40
    bookdata.async = False
    bookdata.Load ("
    bookdata.Save ("d:\bookdata.xml")

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